Take Action It may seem obvious that without action there can be no results.  I posted on Facebook the message that everything we experience starts with an idea. When we begin to take action on an idea then people and things begin to unfold.

In one of the early lessons for people who registered for the free 7 Steps Program at Manifest Mastermind, I wrote about the idea of a person who wants an apple. The image comes to mind and then they need to get to the refrigerator or fruit bowl and pick it up and eat it. This simple illustration applies to anything we want to experience. I often see books promoted that I decide I want to read. I go to Amazon where I have an account sometimes read the reviews and if I decide to order, I click the “buy now with 1 click ” button and the book shows up in my Kindle App.

This process applies to people. One of the key marketing actions that I coach people on is networking.  Most people who go to events have  at best a fuzzy picture of what they are wanting to achieve by going to the event. As a result they often do not connect with the people who they might help the most and who could help them.  The more clear we are the more likely we are to attract connections that make sense for us.

In my book Building Business Profits Fast I detail a proven blueprint for achieving business goal and actually the formula applies to achieving any goal. In my next book which is likely to be titled something like Build Real Estate Business Profits fast  I will add to the blueprint this expanded message.  “Pay Attention To The Messages You Are Intended To Receive.”

What that means is “The Universe Works Through Us Not For Us”  That is a quote from Mike Dooley the founder of TUT and Notes From the Universe Visit  and register for his free notes – they are awesome. Back to pay attention to the messages you are intended to receive. Just this week I was meeting with a business partner who lives in another city. We had a specific agenda and purpose.  However my partner had  a request to meet with a local businessman and he set the appointment for me and him . At this appointment we listened to this man’s rather urgent project where funding was needed.  My rather instant conclusion was that this project was worth our time and expertise. My partner said he knew a few people who would likely want to fund this project. We went to work and in 24 hours pretty much had everything lined up plus we were still achieving our primary purpose for meeting.

I have a view as to why this unexpected meeting occurred.  I am not saying I know why the Universe does what it does all the time. I do know had we not had the last minute meeting we would have missed some potentially really large opportunities and relationships.  This was all in the category of what I had set out to experience at the start of this year but the details of all that I experienced this past week are ones I could never have imagined.  They were all experienced because I took action.

This article is  about encouraging you to take action that makes sense based on your purpose and goals.  If you would like a complimentary coaching session that might further help you please visit and look for the complementary coaching session link.

Your comments, questions  and experiences  are encouraged and welcomed.

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The Book: Building Business Profits Fast
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Requesting $1.6 Million Loan: Urgent for Environmental Clean-Up : Paying Above Market Rates


Our firm was invited to walk though a curtain and introduced to a very secure and lucrative investment opportunity not available to most.  We are limited in the details as to can be published. We can disclose more information to a person or fund with immediate access to $1.6 million cash and ideally five (5) times that amount near term.

Requesting $1.6 Million Now (As In The Next 10 Days )  For A Very Specific Project That Will Last 10-15 months.

Note whoever funds this initial request will be in the first position for funding project expansion and scope of work expansion. In addition, an meaningful equity position will be available making this opportunity even more lucrative.

Why The Urgency?

The project is in the environmental clean- up niche.  Since there is a environmental risk, time is of the essence.

What Is This Money Needed For?

Teams of people are deployed to the project areas. At the end of seven (7) days, an invoice is prepared and submitted In about six weeks and up to 60 days an entire billing cycle is paid and cleared. Then the cycle begins again. The “burn rate ” is about for the 60 day cycle is approximately $1.6 million.

What Is The Return on The Money Loaned 

3% is paid every 60 days for an annual return of 18%

How Is The Money Secured?

Money is wired to a funds control moderator associated with a bonding agent. The agreement is that funds are only dispersed once the payroll invoice is submitted for the week and are only used to pay people.  The contract is with a very well established, large and profitable environmental cleanup company and their contract is with the US Department of Energy. At the end of the project the last invoice is funded and the funds moderator returns the principle to the loan source. Interest is paid every 60 days and at the end of the project.

Unique Opportunity

This project is only available to a select number of contractors.  How these contractors are selected is confidential. However upon receipt of a non-disclosure agreement, proof of funds and letter of intent to fund,  additional details will be provide. We are highly confident the qualified lending source will be very pleased with this information.

For Immediate Consideration Please contact

Steve Pohlit, Managing Member

PS Due to the time sensitivity of this request phone call are preferred

The Number 1 Opportunity For Small Businesses To Absolutely Kick Ass In A Market Dominated by The Big Box Stores

Build Business ProfitsIn every US market with more than about 100,000 people you will find them – the big box stores.  Most know what that description means.  For clarity they include places like Costco, Sams Club, Home Depot, Loews, Target, Walmart and so on.

I am an experienced real estate investor in the residential niche.  Along with my team we find distressed properties, renovate them and resell them to a buyer who will live in the home. We are constantly looking for distressed multi-family deals for our buy and hold strategy. In the single family home rental niche  we work with our strategic partner Strongbrook.

In order for us to be successful there must be the right products.  on time,  reliable sources of money for our deals and a strong  team of contractors and realtors. With that background I am sharing with you the number one opportunity for small to mid-size businesses selling products and services to companies like mine.

The Number 1 Opportunity For Small Businesses To Absolutely Kick Ass In A Market Dominated by The Big Box Stores

You probably already know what this is because the issue is not limited to stores servicing real estate investors.  All of us from time to time need to call the cable company or the company where we get our cell phone service.  Except of course unless you are a very successful person who can afford to have an assistant take care of these things for you. If you outsource the task then you are  generally immune from the day to day reality of  the deplorable level of customer service in this country that is pervasive at all large businesses – all.  If you are immune and you are running  a business, they you really need to pay attention to the following:

Deplorable Customer Service at All Large Companies Is The Number 1 Opportunity for Smaller Businesses.  Here are The Top 3 Actions Steps That Will Guarantee Your Competitive Edge:

  1. Never install automated attendant phone systems – never. Have a live person answer the phone all the time. That person needs to be at your business and not outsourced to some remote location. There is a process and procedure for doing this right which is beyond the scope of this article.
  2. Know your customer!  Here is one example.  We order flooring from a local supplier.  Their pricing and service is good.  They have no idea that we have projects in our pipeline, They do not have any connections to other suppliers like cabinets, kitchen and bath, tile, All you have to do is continually update your circle of qualified suppliers and contractors and refer business to them. We are always looking for qualified resources. This is so easy to do and nobody does it.
  3. Communicate with your customers. The only email I ever get from any supplier including contractors is a bill.  Nobody calls or emails me to ask about our level of satisfaction with their in-store experience,  product quality, delivery and installation where applicable.  Nobody – not one and we deal with quite a few companies.

My Number One Recommendation for the “Big Box” stores:

Each CEO needs to get out of their office and become a mystery shopper by phone an in person.  If you do this you will reinvent your company and nobody will be able to even come close.

Your comments and experiences in the market place are encouraged and welcomed.

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Steve Pohlit IBusiness Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Steve Pohlit IBusiness Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM



Closing Stores and Cutting Expenses Is Not The Formula for Building Business Profits Because Those Actions Are Not The Cause

ExcellenceWhen you look at the data and the results it is easy to understand why a business is successful and another one fails. Amazon continues to expand what it offer and levels of service. They are obsessed with getting it right and your satisfaction. I am a Prime member and I think it costs about $79.00 a year. What that gets me is free shipping and fast delivery. I recently ordered several items that I use regularly the prices were better than Sams Club and delivered right to my door in 2 days. It is amazing service and that is the key to success in business.

Have you been to a Radio Shack lately? See the point? Relentless attention to delivering what the customer wants is key. For the record I am not knocking the helpful attitude of people who work at Radio Shack. In fact their willingness to help is generally far greater than what you will find at most retail stores. However, look at the rest of the picture of customer service. I have never received one email from Radio Shack and I am a customer. I receive emails from Amazon everyday. Because Radio Shack does not communicate with me I have no idea of what they are recommending or promoting and they have no idea of what I think of their service. On the other hand Amazon asks me to rate every transaction.

I am not an insider to Amazon and do no work for them. I would make a strong bet they have statistics on all areas of performance and are consistently looking for ways to improve. In reading articles about and interviews with Jeff Bezos, my impression is he operates at the level of founder as well as anyone in the world. He focuses on what will Amazon look like three to five years from now and even beyond. Most executives have no idea as to the precise roles of a founder, CEO and CFO. Most companies follow traditional organization structure and classical organization behavior still taught in most business schools. If those principles worked, companies like Radio Shack and others would be thriving.

Is there an absolute fool proof roadmap. My answer is yes with one qualification: people must use and implement it. Want to know more? Call Me.

Steve Pohlit Professional Speaker, Published Autho

Steve Pohlit, Professional Speaker, Published Author, Coach, Real Estate Investor

Steve Pohlit

Success Acceleration: How To Make Thousands Fast and How To Make This Next Year Your Best Year Yet

Roger Salam Welcome everyone to this recording of a very special webinar. I promise to deliver content that will help you personally and professionally. I further promise that we will have fun along the way.

To Your Success

PS If you have any questions please email me – just click here Email or you are very welcome to call Steve Pohlit who organized this webinar at 727-587-7871

Special Note from Steve: Be sure to pay close attention and in particular to the following:

1. You are responsible for your success>
2. Why real estate is the IDEAL business. Wait until you see the actual example presented.
3. There are two ways to learn – which one will you use?
4. Empowering Beliefs
5. Five fundamentals of real estate investing.
6. The only three things you need to be successful and money is not one of them.
7. Successful marketing today
8. The new paradigm today.

…..and there’s more Now, get focused, have a pen and notebook and get ready to learn and feed you mind with valuable and positive content.

Courtesy of

Steve Pohlit IBusiness Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Steve Pohlit IBusiness Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Give Someone A Multi-Million Dollar Business For Less Than $250.00

Multi - Million Dollar Business How in the world could anyone have yet alone give away a business that can drive millions of dollars of income each year at a cost of $250.00?

Actually the cost may be $0 or even possible you get a check for giving away this multi- million business.

Is This Possible?

Yes and there is proof of many having this experience.  I know a man who gave his wife this business and she has earned over $4 million. OK  I  know a lady who offered to pay for the opportunity to learn about this business then started  and earned several million dollars. There are many more stories like this.

What Is The Catch?

There is no catch. There is the possibility  that when a person receives this gift because they didn’t have to pay for it, the don’t  follow the script that will result in them not driving their earnings into the seven figures.  It is like being gifted  a successful store and then never opening the doors so people could continue buying.

What Do I Need To Know?

1. This is a legitimate business that offers fantastic products that are great for improving your health and helps you back to your prime.
2. By following the script and with our help you can earn enough money in 30 days so your next product shipment is free for you and you begin to deposit cash in your bank account.
3. If you want this gift to grow to a multi-million dollar business then you must commit to this being a full time business for you. Yes there are action steps you must take for this to happen. The wonderful part is all of those action steps can be done by anyone and all of them are a lot of fun for someone serious about achieving their multi- million dollar income goal.

Will You Give This Business As A Gift To Me?

I am already gifting people to help then fuel the growth of their business. Your opportunity is to buy one for yourself and buy one for your spouse, your children, a friend whom you want to work with. My job is to help you and whoever, you bring in with you achieve results fast. I am happy to do that if you agree to do that for the people you bring into the business.

Next Steps

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My Vote For The Top Two Industries Where Entrepreneurs Are Most Likely To Succeed

In a one hour movie recently released by Eric Worre, he interviewed some very well know experts. Harry Dent talked about the true level of the debt owed by the US and the number is staggering and scary. Robert Kyosaki showed the dramatic negative trends in food stamps, college graduate incomes and student loans. Most of these statistics I was aware of except for student debt which is now over $1 trillion and if you declare bankruptcy you still own student loans. So people are going into more debt to get more education. What is the result, lower paychecks than in the past.

Don’t misread this. My daughter is a doctor. She would not be a doctor without the education and the support of the student loan program. Our society needs medical professionals, scientists, teachers and other professionals who need to be qualified by our university and special education systems. However, the vast majority of people entering higher education are not seeing the likely outcome clearly and will be well served by taking a look at the economic reality of our world today.

All interviewed by Eric in this movie were in support of the message that it is harder and harder for many people to feel confident about earning a living at a level where they are not worried about their bills. The days of being able to count on a 40 hour a week job that provides an acceptable level of income for a lot of people are long gone. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and often makes a well established business or industry obsolete. Look at what happened to the majority of book stores in the last decade. Look at the market share shift in the last decade because of companies like Apple, Google and others. Do the research on the amazing number of companies that were once very commonly known in America are out of business.

With those trends which are not very bright, people still need a place to live people need products and services. That leads me to the two industries that get my vote for where more people should be paying attention. Those are real estate investing and network marketing. Network marketing is often referred to as direct sales or multi-level marketing.

The reasons I like both of these industries the best for people thinking about being in business for themselves are:

1. Very little money is required to learn the businesses
2. There is plenty of evidence of people making good money in those industries
3. The training is outstanding and most of it is relatively low cost or free.

Let’s look at training for example. If you select the right network marketing company and sponsor, the training is amazing. In real estate it is true you do not need your own money or credit for deals. However, because of the dollar size of the transactions you are well served by being mentored by one or more people who will help you and JV with you as you get started.

Cost of entry: In real estate you can get started for about $1,000. It is better if you have $5,000 to $10,000 because there are some programs that cost money that will really help you get to a faster start. However with about $1,000 for gas and a few other supplies you can get started. I know of people who make $3-$5000 checks in their first month. Is that typical – I would say yes for the people following the directions and devoting more than 20 hours a week to the business. In Network Marketing you can get started with most companies for $250-$500. If you work hard you can begin to make money your first month. I have met people who make over $20,000 in their first three months. I don’t think that is typical.

What is the one skill you must have as an entrepreneur? In my view it is the skill of being able to get past rejection. There is one sure fire way getting past being rejected – set really high goals and be relentless on following them with the guide of a very experienced mentor and team.

Now you have my vote and why. What is yours and why. I welcome your comments.

Questions ? Call me 727-587-7871

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

My Top Two Recommendations for A Business Start-Up: Great Lessons For All Companies

Business Start Up Coaching AdviceMany people who decide to start up a business spend a lot of time preparing to be in business. My advice for any company starting out other than an on-line product sales business is to have a simple webpage for credibility – saying who you are, what you are offering and how people can contact you. Then focus 100% on marketing anyway you can to those people most likely to benefit from your offer. Pay particular attention to those who connect with your target customer.

Nearly all your efforts should be on marketing. I have two primary lines of business One is consulting and I would love to have 5 clients right now who have more established companies with say 20 employees or more. I am currently offering JV opportunities to marketing firms. Marketing firms don’t like JV’s because they want paid up front. That is like me wanting paid up front for consulting before the project even starts.


I a previous article I presented my expanded success formula. In a nutshell we are well served by setting much bigger goals and taking massive action to achieve them. Click Here for that article that also includes my five steps to success formula.

Results Guaranteed 300x227 I Am A Victim Thinking Will Not Bring The Desired ResultsSpecial Offer: 1 complimentary coaching call plus one call a week for 6 weeks -7 calls total. I have priced this to be affordable for nearly everyone and if money is your issue I am open to a JV. Start now and in one month or less you will see results guaranteed!

Call me now 727-587-7871

The other line of business is the strategic expansion of my real estate investment business. This is a perfect example of my next recommendation to start ups: connect with people who know what you don’t know or can help you with tasks that are not a good use of your time. If you are not marketing you are not using your time in an optimal fashion. For example I have developed a procedure for marketing properties that we have in contract. That is very detailed. How do I know? Well I had to know how to do it so I can train an apprentice who wants to learn. I am also marketing for equity JV deal partners. Again once I have the foundation for marketing I can work with an apprentice to help me.

In summary I have identified the key success factors in achieving my business growth goals and what I think are the primary marketing action steps needed to achieve them. Now following the advice from several mentors, I am taking even more action. Those who are successful take massive directed action.

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Let’s Get Started

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Steve Pohlit

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Writing Your Definiteness of Purpose Is A Great Start – Then What?





Definiteness of Purpose is a phrase made popular by Napoleon Hill in his books including his most popular one Think and Grow Rich.  I have recently been focused on this because I am reading a fantastic book by Hill that was withheld from publication for 70 years.  The name of that book is “Outwitting The Devil”  I highly recommend all of Napoleon Hill’s books and Outwitting The Devil is certainly included.

What Does Definiteness of Purpose Mean?

Let’s start with definiteness.  One definition I really like is “the quality of being predictable with great confidence” defines definiteness as exact, precise.  So for me definiteness of purpose means an exact statement of your purpose or a precise statement of your purpose, or you are confident in your statement of  your purpose. Do your own work on this so you are clear as to what definiteness of purpose means for you.

What Is Your Definiteness of Purpose?

I have written mine and refer to it often. It is close to me where I do my self development work. I never had written this clearly until earlier this year. Once I did things began to move forward more quickly for me. It took me a lot of reflection before I was able to write it.  I kept asking myself if I had all the money I could possible want how would I spend my time?  That is a good place to start if your definiteness of purpose is not clear to you.

Definiteness of Purpose Is The Guide To Prioritizing You Daily, Weekly Monthly Intentions

This week I have purpose be spending time first thing in the morning being clear as to the outcome I am intending to experience today. Those  intentions  for the day are linked to my definiteness of purpose.  Now I go about my day taking action.  While I am following what I think I should be doing – calls, meetings, marketing, I have noticed especially this week what seemingly are disconnected events.  But they are not. These events, calls and emails mostly are totally linked to my intentions and purpose. The difference is they were not planned by me.  The other thing that happens with clear intentions is I get new ideas.  Ideas are messages from God and especially so when those ideas are in sync with my intentions.  Ideas can come in many  forms.  Neale Donald Walsch writes in Conversation With God  they may be in something you read, hear, on a billbord or some other media.  You will know the difference between an ideal you are to pay attention to and information or data noise.

The Final Step – Taking Action

Nothing happens until something moves.

In Summary

Definiteness of Purpose

Remember Nothing Happens Until You Move!

If you would like help with this take advantage of my  complementary coaching session,  Please  Click Here )

Questions ?

Email me
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Thank you,

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International LLC

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM